53rd Parallel specialise in giving domestic and overseas clients access
to products they need to bring their project to the standard of final destination.

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Products that are non-standard in your market can be difficult to obtain and expensive. We have a network of suppliers in dozens of markets that will make it easier for our clients to complete a project on time and reduce costs.

We can also offer a design service to our clients to meet European standards.

Being based in Ireland, give us a distinctive advantage over competitors. Our market is a mix of British Standard and DIN Standard equipment. Our electrical distribution is built on DIN Standards and our wiring accessories are British Standard. Many of our domestic suppliers will also supply Northern Ireland which is British Standard electrical distribution, meaning if we don’t have it in stock, it is usually only a short time delivery to us.

Our past projects include working with clients who have been manufacturing products for Data Centres, Pharmaceutical, Chemical Industry, Medical Devices and many more industries.

We also offer contact and non-contact thermal monitoring for electrical switchgears, electrical distribution panels, M.C.C. panels and more.

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