In an era defined by smart solutions and remote control, the Grasslin Talento Smart LAN emerges as a game-changer for efficient building automation and saving the time of a building/multi-building manager. Offering seamless remote access to the Talento S25 and CE2 devices (up to 8 channels), this innovative connection unit empowers you to manage and update time switches from virtually anywhere. With the ability to control multiple buildings, it’s a versatile tool for businesses, property managers, and facility owners seeking centralized control and energy optimization.

Unlocking the Potential of Remote Access:

The Grasslin Talento Smart LAN transforms traditional building management by enabling remote access to time switches. This means you can effortlessly update and manage your devices without being on-site through Cloud Based Software or a VPN. Here’s how it benefits your operations:

1. Time-Saving Convenience:

Imagine being able to adjust lighting, heating, and other electrical systems in your buildings with just a few clicks, no matter where you are.

Remote access eliminates the need for physical visits to each location, saving you valuable time and resources.

2. Centralized Control for Multiple Buildings:

For property managers, facility operators, or businesses with multiple locations, the Talento Smart LAN offers a unified solution.

Control multiple Talento S25 and CE2 devices across different buildings from a single interface.

Streamline scheduling, reduce energy waste, and enhance security effortlessly across your entire portfolio.

3. Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings:

Implementing synchronized schedules and optimizing energy consumption across multiple sites is made easy with remote access.

Reduce operational costs by ensuring that lights, HVAC systems, and other equipment operate only when needed.

Examples of Multisite Control:

Retail Chains: Suppose you own a retail chain with several stores. Use the Talento Smart LAN to create consistent and efficient lighting schedules for all locations. Adjust opening and closing times remotely, saving energy during off-hours.

Property Management Companies: Property management firms overseeing residential or commercial buildings can control lighting and HVAC systems across their entire portfolio from one central hub. Ensure a comfortable and secure environment for tenants while minimizing utility costs.

Industrial Facilities: Manufacturing plants with multiple units can optimize production schedules, lighting, and machinery operation across various buildings. Tailor the setup to production shifts, reducing downtime and energy waste.

Hospitality Sector: Hotels, resorts, and event venues can enhance guest experiences by automating lighting and climate control in guest rooms and common areas. Adapt settings to occupancy and events in real-time.


The Grasslin Talento Smart LAN redefines building automation by offering remote access and multisite control. Simplify your operations, reduce energy costs, and enhance security by managing time switches from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. Whether you’re a property manager, business owner, or facility operator, this powerful tool empowers you to create efficient, synchronized schedules across multiple buildings, ultimately improving your bottom line and the overall experience for occupants.

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